image Jony Ive vs. Scott Forstall

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Greetings from #SF

Sanchez/Hill postcard from #SF

How funny language can be! This not-so-boring tunnel-boring machine drilling a new Seattle Highway Tunnel, was named »Bertha« after Bertha Knight Landes, the first female mayor of a major american city — Seattle in 1926. The Germans are calling their tunnel boring machines after names of ‘huge’ women, where Bertha would also be a perfect fit. Oh, and Bertha is not only the largest-diameter drilling machine, she is also on twitter! (at Seattle)



Ironic and Unfortunate Shirts Worn in Mugshots [via]

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Grilled Cheese fabric (via Etsy)

Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  (via bregma)


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Awesome twilight scenery. (at Fremont)

The new #iOS7 UI is so flat, it does not even present hierarchy. And very little contrast overall. Focus: close to none.

Someone parked his @car2goseattle right in Lake Union of Seattle.

I’m at Lake Union

Google & Time let you explore the world in a time lapse